Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia represents 35 land trust members across the province. Associate members, Рconsultants, environmental groups and individuals, Рbring our total membership to one hundred. Since 1997 the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia has developed educational, research and resource programs that have helped conservation groups steward, protect and restore British Columbia’s natural and cultural diversity.

British Columbia land trusts, with the help of generous donors and willing land owners, have now protected well over one million acres of significant land.

The annual three-day conservation training and networking event created by the Land Trust Alliance is an opportunity for dialogue and learning on topics from stewardship to environmental trends, fundraising and species at risk. The Alliance also provides training and educational support to regional networks and professionals associated with land conservation. Each month, we publish a listing of events, news, jobs and funding opportunities and annually we publish LAND, a magazine promoting the work of land trusts in British Columbia.

In our early years, we created the Protected Lands Catalogue, a custom database and web-based registry for everyone to track and plan conservation initiatives. We have completed other research projects including: What makes a Successful Organization, Monitoring of Conservation Lands across Canada, a Report on Measuring the Economic Benefits of Natural Areas, a pilot study on the Property Assessment Values on Conservation Lands and many other specific research topics important to further conservation in British Columbia.

Our published resources are extensive, ranging from the award-winning Islands in the Salish Sea Community Atlas, Baseline Inventories and Template documents, and a series of public Conservation Information kits and brochures.

Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project

“The Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project, which produced this book, is a wonderful antidote to this poisoning of our spirit. If we pay attention to the particularity of the world around us, in all its overlapping aspects, not only will we derive the joy of discovery, we will care. And caring is what really matters.”

Robert Bateman
Islands in the Salish Sea: A Community Atlas