The Salish Sea Community

In our global, packaged world we are losing a sense of place. This is a philosophical tragedy. It results in a lack of caring, a lack of sense of community and a neglect of civil responsibility. It is also an environmental and human tragedy. For with this loss of knowledge and human intimacy with our home place, we are also losing our sense of spirit.

The Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project, which produced this book, is a wonderful antidote to this poisoning of our spirit. If we pay attention to the particularity of the world around us, in all its overlapping aspects, not only will we derive the joy of discovery, we will care. And caring is what really matters.

Robert Bateman
Geographer, Naturalist, Artist, Saltspring Island

A wider audience can now appreciate the love and painstaking work of over 3,000 islanders in the Georgia Basin, from Saturna to Cortes. During a five-year period, The Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project engaged local groups to gather information on everything from oral history with elders to scientific data.

More than 30 local artists brought these layers of accumulated information to life in vividly unique and extraordinary maps. The result is a powerful array of mixed media art forms reflecting not only the islands’ outstanding beauty, but also human elements of culture and diversity in a rapidly developing and fragile region.

The project was sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia as a regional opportunity for local conservation and community groups to inventory, record, map and present the unique diversity that islanders in this vulnerable region value.

The resulting maps not only helped protect some areas on the islands, but they also provide a broader public awareness of these islands’ natural and cultural heritage. The results are showcased in the atlas, along with accounts of how each map came to be. Additional chapters describe the origins and strengths of this new discipline, artistic community mapping, its purpose and success with conservation initiatives, the unfolding of the mapping project from first spark to proud finale and the history and character of the islands.
Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

Islands in the Salish Sea
A Community Atlas

Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia represents 35 land trust members across the province. Associate members, – consultants, environmental groups and individuals, – bring our total membership to one hundred. Since 1997 the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia has developed educational, research and resource programs that have helped conservation groups steward, protect and restore British Columbia’s natural and cultural diversity. British Columbia land trusts, with the help of generous donors and willing land owners, have now protected well over one million acres of significant land.

Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia